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We specialize in commercial product photography. As our basic service, we offer product shots with seamless white backgrounds for use in print or web applications. Please take note that we don't use artificial shadows or reflections but we preserve them as shot. Of course we can also do set-up shots, omnibus (group product shots), special effects like splashes and water beads on supposedly cold bottles /glasses, and image compositing in Photoshop. We can also do location shoots specially with food shots or products that can't be brought in to the studio. More than product photography, we also do graphic design/ layouts for ads, packaging, brochures, posters, etc.


Whether your business is big or small, everybody needs to present their products in the best light possible, and by that we mean figuratively and literally. It's logical that you would would want to show your clients the best representation of the product that you're selling through photography but you'll be surprised at how many companies, even big ones, are lost on this important point. They spend thousands on huge billboards and ad placements yet they use images that may as well have been taken by a five-year-old with a snapshot camera. Nothing wrong with using a point and shoot camera, as good results can be obtained from those as well, as long as you take the time to light your shots very well. But not all people have the time and the know-how, so here's where we come in. We're trying to make product photography easy and affordable so you'd have no excuse to use crappy images to market your products.

1. You can bring your products to our studio or you can also send by mail or courier, just make sure that they're packed carefully so they don't get damaged during transit. Yes, we will accept jobs from clients anywhere in the Philippines or abroad as long as you can send the items to us. We will return the products at the client's expense, at cost shipping.

2. We shall require 50% downpayment prior to shoot, and the balance after your approval of the low-res proof to be sent thru email. File can either be sent thru email or CD to be sent via overnight mail.

3. Communication regarding brief for shoot can either be through landline, cellphone (client's account), Yahoo Messenger, Skype or email, You may also send images as pegs for the type of styling, angling/ lighting for the product shot.

4. Capturing the image is just half the work done. Unlike with other studios where you get raw unedited images, we post-process your image to perfection. We'll take out dust and blemishes, tweak contrast and colors, mask out the the product so it is ready for dropping in any background.

5. Images are captured using a 12-megapixel camera in RAW format and is processed into jpeg and tiff or PSD files at full and web resolutions. Turnaround time from receipt of product is 5 to 7 days. Surcharge for fast-tracking or same day delivery.


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